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Welcome to the Border Holiday Group website!

The Border Holiday Group aims to provide a holiday of a lifetime to Europe for sick and disabled people who would otherwise be unable to travel, and at the same time provide their carers at home with a much needed rest.

The group consists of twenty-three people, of which a maximum of ten are V.I.P.'s, the remainder being, carers and medics. They are taken on a ten-day coach holiday to a venue in Europe.

The disabled have no worries about mobility or medical assistance because they are looked after from the moment they arrive at the local departure point for the holiday until their return. Each has their own helper who will care for them throughout the trip.

To provide these holidays the Group needs to raise approximately 35,000 for each trip. The group leader, medical team and the helpers are all volunteers, for whom this is a working trip, using their own holiday time to care for the V.I.P.'s.

The coach, the group uses for these trips, is called aJumbulance. It is a specially designed bus which has up to five beds, upwards of twenty seats, a toilet and a kitchen. Access to the bus is via a hydraulic lift at the rear, enabling V.I.P.'s direct transfer from their wheelchair to coach seat or bed or the optioan to remain in their wheelchair. The bus has ambulance status and is fully kitted out for first aid medical treatment.

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The Border Holiday Group, an unincorporated charitable association, organises Coach Holidays to Europe for the Sick and Disabled from the Borders Region and Southern Scotland.

Registered Charity Number: SC038524.